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  1. rbdjr

    The 45K mile service

    Changed mine at 40k, and 43k now, all good easy job, except for checking the level pain in but, but they all have it this way now, I did switch to Amsoil Signature series Syn trans oil, all good no changes and love the way this 10-speed shifts, best trans I have had in my lifetime. hope all...
  2. rbdjr

    Fuel cap mod

    On the capless filler neck there is a vent from inside to outside just below the flapper valve, If you try to top off your tank too much fuel will be forced out of the vent and on the ground. As for the warranty claim ? I have had mine on since the first month of my 2021, 36K no troubles at all.
  3. rbdjr

    Bilstein 5100 Shocks Installed on LM2 / RST Silverado

    I have a 2021 RST 3.0 4 door, my tires are 275/60/R20, did you go for the 285/65/R20? just wondering how they fit? i have 36 k and Duratracs about done now
  4. rbdjr

    Soybeans for tires.

    But you do get controled burn/high octane.
  5. rbdjr

    Soybeans for tires.

    Rodents have been chewing insulation on cars/trucks for 45 years, so much for soybean oil insulation.
  6. rbdjr

    CV joint has vacated the premises 💥

    Not if you changed the factory height and the cv boot ripped, lack of lube, its 100% on you now,
  7. rbdjr

    Quick access handgun safe mount in a 2021 1500 RST 4x4 3.0 4 door

    Looking for sugestions and of mounting ideas and or fast access safes or box for a ccw/handgun in the truck
  8. rbdjr

    22 tow mirrors

    Thanks I currently have power mirrors, manual fold, I miss power folding like I had on my previous truck
  9. rbdjr

    22 tow mirrors

    Looking to buy power folding standard mirrors and harnesses for someone who wants to recover some cost of the tow upgrade mirrors.
  10. rbdjr

    Extended crank but no start issue

    You have not had your reflash done yet? ??
  11. rbdjr

    2021 RST 4x4 3.0, tail gate open with dead battery

    Hello, Is there a way to open the tailgate with a dead battery? Not mine but as jumping someone else's with a jumper pack I keep in a swing box with a BAK hard top bed cover, was wondering if I had a dead battery could I gain access to the jumper pack? Maybe find a place inside the truck for it...
  12. rbdjr

    Transmission fluid change

    If I remember its approx 2.0 hours flat rate Customer Pay time. for Filter and fluid change, $approx $110 and filter and gasket if needed plus fluid (8Quarts) Hard to think it would be anything over $500 with a high est?
  13. rbdjr

    Your first mod?

    Thanks Again, hopefully the camera helped you if it was not your fault. And thanks for the tip for the power feeds fuse.
  14. rbdjr

    Your first mod?

    Thanks for the heads up, Like I said I have NO previous experience. It did have the best customer rating and a lifetime free assistance. But I'm going to check out the Thinkwear now I also have no need to view in the truck, just when anything happens would and when I need it and hope I never...
  15. rbdjr

    Your first mod?

    Looking at one on Amazon $129 on sale now? I have no experience with these this would be my first, anyone hear any pros or cons on this model? REDTIGER F7N 4K Dual Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.16" Display,170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera...
  16. rbdjr

    Tire pressure

    I have worked in the auto industry for over 40 years on the repair side and currently still do, Every car I ever owned I have run the max pressure that's on the tire, not the door sticker which is truly recommended. I run usually 10 to 20psi over the sticker on the door and NEVER experienced...
  17. rbdjr

    Best All-Around Tonneau cover 2021 Chevy Silverado

    ( ) They sell many different brands, worth an internet chat or I prefer a phone call. Ask for Shaun he is great to deal with and very knowledgeable.
  18. rbdjr

    Best All-Around Tonneau cover 2021 Chevy Silverado

    Yes your are 100% correct on theft. locks and features on trucks and covers only keep honest people honest. I ended up ordering the BAK FLIP F1, funny thing is I'm waiting for FedX to deliver today any minute, I would like to get it installed today, I also installed a 1 piece BedRug carpet LTx...
  19. rbdjr

    What are your Diesel fuel prices?

    $6.30 a gallon central NJ
  20. rbdjr

    What are your Diesel fuel prices?

    This morning went to $6.29 from 5.99 the previous day crazy!