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    No Heat with remote start

    Need to replace the battery in my key fob so I grabbed the other one to remote start. The heated steering wheel comes on but not the seat now. I suppose it’s customizable to each fob so now I might dig into the settings. Glad I saw this or I’d really be scratching my head.
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    How the LZ0 stacks up against the LM2

    LM2 peak torque at 1500 vs 2750? Seems a bit better for towing? Anyone know if the oil pump belt has the same part number? If the LM2 belt goes 200k I might hang onto it longer.
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    Bilstein 5100 Shocks Installed on LM2 / RST Silverado

    How do you like the Roadmaster? Does anyone else have opinions on them?
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    Extended crank but no start issue

    Had it happen for the fourth time last week with almost 17k on my 21. I’m still not sure about getting it reprogrammed. Was a little embarrassing in the Costco parking lot.
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    Transmission issue

    And I hope they can figure out the problem on your truck. Saying it’s an intermittent problem and it’s ok is not a good answer.
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    Transmission issue

    One of our clients had a 2020 that had similar problems. It got so bad and so many trips to the dealer GM ended up buying the truck back with 70k on it. They never did figure out what the problem was. Replaced 3 major wiring harnesses and tore the transmission apart. Hoping he just got a lemon...
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    Mileage with/without stop/start

    Only takes one button with the Autostop eliminator. Best money I’ve spent on the truck.
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    New 3.0L Duramax / LZ0 Announced for '23

    Nice. Hot August nights in Lewiston now. Pretty tame this year.
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    New 3.0L Duramax / LZ0 Announced for '23

    Good point. There weren’t any witnesses fortunately.
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    New 3.0L Duramax / LZ0 Announced for '23

    Good explanation of the crank no start. Had my third occurrence last week at 10500 miles. Still not sure it’s worth the reprogram yet.
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    New 3.0L Duramax / LZ0 Announced for '23

    Wish he had asked if the LM2 belt will go for 200k. Steel pistons now? Wondering if I should consider trading the 21 for a 23.
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    Chevy buy back

    Talked to one of our clients today that’s been having problems with his 2020 for the past year. Been in the shop the past 3.5 months. I didn’t get all the details but GM will be cutting a check for what he paid for the truck. 70,000 on it and started with transmission problem then engine. 10k on...
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    Voltage Gauge

    Mine varies from around 12 to over 14-15. Sometimes I can watch it go up or down. Doesn’t seem to be any reason.
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    Ford paying you not to have auto-start-stop

    Autostop eliminator installed today. Should have done it sooner.
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    Blue vs Gray

    Pretty sure the sky is gray in western Washington today.
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    Blue vs Gray

    I do need new glasses 👓 In the right light it does look a little bit blue). Like it whatever they call it.
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    Blue vs Gray

    Shadow grey metallic looks almost blue to me. The color sold the wife on it)
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    Ford paying you not to have auto-start-stop

    Ordered mine today. And a fuel cap.
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    Ford paying you not to have auto-start-stop

    It only annoys me when I forget to push the stupid button. Sounds like I’m lucky to have heated seats and steering wheel on my LT though🙂
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    Good to hear. I won’t be ordering one just yet with the price of fuel. At least I’m getting 28 mpg on this tank. A client of ours says he gets up to 38 on his runs to Arizona from Washington. Although he has had transmission problems and is waiting on a new motor after the timing belt broke. He...