Brake longevity


Dec 30, 2021
So just curious how many miles people are getting on their brakes? Just got the "service brake pad monitor" warning with only about 44K on it. I haven't looked at the pads yet but from the report from the last oil change at the dealer, the rears were around 5mm and the fronts were 7+. From what I'm reading elsewhere, there has been a lot of issues with the rear pads wearing out faster because of the electronic parking brake. The fronts take more of the braking so should wear faster then the rears. Just wondering if anyone here has had brakes wear quickly? I only tow occasionally and most is a 26ft camper and not a long distance.
Only have about 38k, here.
I had a wear pad sensor go out and was replaced. Truck has 75,000 miles and front brakes are at 43% rears about 70%.