Decked System - Suspension Modification for weight


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Sep 11, 2023
Hey guys - hope all is well.

I have a 2023 1500 ltz with the Trail Boss suspension upgrade from Chevy. I'm getting ready to install a decked system but I want to keep the same rear lift height that I currently have. Am I able to just swap the rear block to a taller one to off-set any sag? Or would air bags (or something cool I don't know about) be better?

Appreciate your help in advance!
No experience with the deck system, but I would wait and see what the difference in height is.

Nothing wrong with a little sag. Will ride better and be a bit more level. Unless you did a level kit on the front already.

It's not my money, but I would suggest bags over blocks.
Appreciate the info! I'll most likely add some bags after I add the decked system and see how much sag there is. The system unloaded is 250lbs, so it'll probably sag some.

I installed the Trail Boss suspension that they used to offer (doesn't seem like you can find it now on the website), which included some blocks for the rear, and new leaf springs, but I think ultimately, bags are the answer. Appreciate the insight!
I have installed air bags in the past for sag or more importantly for towing and they work well.
low cost option