Ford paying you not to have auto-start-stop

GM was doing this for some of their gassers but not the LM2 unfortunately. And they are going beyond the stop/start delete and deleting heated seats and steering wheel from all but the highest trim levels. Glad I got mine before that happened.
It only annoys me when I forget to push the stupid button. Sounds like I’m lucky to have heated seats and steering wheel on my LT though🙂
That's why I got the stop/start eliminator. Should be the first mod on everybody's list.
I must be missing something, I just came from a 2017 GMC Canyon, constantly having to get keys out of my pocket to unlock the doors, put the key in the key slot, push the break, turn the key start the truck, shut off the key pull the key out, get out of the truck lock the truck, start all over again
in my 2020 GMC Sierra I grab the door handle door unlocks, get into truck push the break push the start button your done, push button to stop get out of truck doors auto lock when walking away from truck, seems to me that the newer truck is simpler to use, like I said maybe I'm missing something but I for one will never go back to the old way, just my opinion and I know everyone one has one, why does anyone have to ware a mask to drive a GM product? just wondering!
We're talking about the Automatic stop/start system which stops the engine each time you stop at a traffic light or a stop sign. Absolutely the most useless and wear inducing system ever created.
When I had my TrailBoss with the 5.3L it had the DFM which caused it to drop cylinders which I hated. I found a company “Range Technology“ that make I little module that plugs into the OBD port that cuts off the DFM and the auto stop/ start. They also make a stop/start only module for our trucks. It’s a little pricey but it works.


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ok got it, but now you say the auto/start stop is the most useless and wear inducing system ever created, could you give me so data to back up this very bold statement?
ok got it, but now you say the auto/start stop is the most useless and wear inducing system ever created, could you give me so data to back up this very bold statement?

We're introducing a ton more start/stop cycles with the auto/stop start feature... I would rather burn the small amount of fuel rather then cycle the engine completely and introduce unnecessary wear on parts.
Actual data? No. These engines are so new that there is no data but logic dictates that stop/start cycles just adds no oil pressure startups and it has been proven in the past on standard engines that startups cause the most wear. I tried with and without it and did not see any improved fuel economy.
Everything is just opinions. If the start/stop doesn't bother you, great. You then don't need to push the button to turn it off. There are quite a few people that get annoyed with it and wish you could just turn it off and it'd stay off until you want to turn it back on.
I'd like to see the data on how much fuel it is saving by having it.
I get it if you just get to a light and you have to sit for a minute or 2, it might save a small amount, but when you pull up to a light or a stop sign and are stopped just long enough for it to shut down and then have to start back up to go, it makes no sense. That's why it should be a choice of if you want to use it.

The mask comment was because Ford was offering $50 to not have the option because of the chip shortage which to a lot of us is a win win but then you'd have to wear a mask rather then be embarrassed driving a Ford. Bad attempt at humor I guess.
Installed the Auto-Start Eliminator, LOVE IT! And if I feel the need to turn it back on the simple push of a button, the way all should be without adding a kit to fix it.
That being said I do have heated seats, wheel and power seats, and mirrors just not power-folding , miss them big time
There are only so many “starts” in a starter. The cost of getting a starter replaced at a dealer I expect would be substantially higher than the “maybe” few gallons of fuel it will save in that time. The starter is only one of the parts being put to unnecessary wear because of this start/stop feature.
However, apparently, the starter and battery (AGM) have been beefed just for this system. Good. It will last even longer if it's not being used.