GM 3.0L Duramax Selling Rate


Staff member
Oct 10, 2018
That is good news. I run my trucks to the grave. This will allow parts to be available at the parts counter and junk yards for a long while.
with both diesel engines and in line six cylinder designs adding to longevity even with the high rail pressure they could go a million miles if cared for and people who join websites typically care for their trucks. My ex boss drives a stock '49 Chevy with a gas inline six that outlasted his father and looks to outlast him so who's grave are we driving into? Be careful if its a GMC it may turn around and drive right back out :)
I owned my 96 Sierra with the old 6.5 for 18 years or so. Only sold it after I bought the 21 Silverado. I didn’t know much about the new 3.0 but stumbled on the only new truck on the lot, half ton with a Duramax! Drove it home that day. Hopefully I have it for a few decades too.