Reprogram 10L80 Trans?


New member
Apr 18, 2023
Wondering if it would make sense to reprogram the 10L80 trans without any engine mods to the LM2? It seems it could certainly skip shift up under light load and stay in gear or locked up longer under load to take better advantage of peak torque @ 1500 RPM. I'm absolutely in love with this powertrain but just can't get used to 4000+ RPM from an in-line 6 cylinder diesel engine.
As tuning is finally coming out you'll see each tuner will put their "touch" on it. Now, we just have to wait to see what we get.

Overall, stock I feel this truck is the smoothest powertrain on the market.
I agree on being the smoothest powertrain on the market and can't believe Ram and Ford both discontinued the diesel option in their light duty trucks. I hope GM keeps offering the diesel in their light duty trucks and SUVs. Diesel prices have dropped in Missouri and it is now only about 20 cents to 50 cents more than unleaded regular. Premium is now higher priced than diesel.
I sure hope so, and with them refreshing this engine already I think we're in for a good run.