The 45K mile service


Staff member
Oct 10, 2018
The manual states to change the transmission fluid and filter at 45K... who's done it? Approximate cost?

I'm at 39K right now.. it just seems early in comparison to all of my past trucks..
Still under the 36k mark, here. Kinda dreading doing it the first time. Has to be filled thru a damn hole on the side of the tranny and checked at operating temp.

Might as well learn, have 3 of the case fill transmissions. Don't have a lift, is the main reason for dreading the job.

I do plan on getting a 2 post lift this year if harvest is good. Don't need to pay anymore money to biden than I have to. Should have had 4 and 2 post lift already. Tired of working on my back for the past 42 years.
Changed mine at 40k, and 43k now, all good easy job, except for checking the level pain in but, but they all have it this way now, I did switch to Amsoil Signature series Syn trans oil, all good no changes and love the way this 10-speed shifts, best trans I have had in my lifetime. hope all continues to go well.