Video on the LM2


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Oct 19, 2021
Most info I already knew except for the Opel thing. He also mentions the Crank so start issue but doesn't say it's been fixed with an ECM update. And he didn't mention the rear main seal issue, which is a worse problem to worry about.

Still an interesting watch.

Atleast the farmer isn't kickin it with the sheepdog. ;>)
Well that flew right over my head. Not to keep off subject, but as a farmer and a 2nd amendment advocate, it has been bothering me over coffee this morning...

Is a sheepdog a reference to a poilce officer or a firearm?

Thanks for a response, as I see both being mistreated.
The sheepdog (police) protects the sheep (people) for the farmer (government). Sheepdog was a reference brought up by a police survival trainer. I came up with that signature after all the criticism of police from both sides over the past few years.